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It's All In The Mind

Whether you have the mentality of a failure or a victor, the mentality started in your mind. You thought it, you continued to think it, then allowed your actions to support your thoughts. Think of the many things you have told yourself. Positive or negative, you developed a thought and everyday you have watered that thought, giving it life.

I am here to tell you today, that you losing or winning in life, is up to you. It starts in your willingness to see yourself as a winner or loser. What we feed the most, will live the most. If we constantly think negative thoughts, we will speak negative and our actions will be negative. However, if we choose to change perspectives, we can think positive, speak positive and thusly produce positively.

There comes a point in life that one should determine positivity and winning is the goal, and there is no other option. Have you ever heard or said, “Losing is not an option”? This mindset will encourage you to do things you have not done, go when you don’t want to, do things when your feelings are not conducive. It takes a positive and winning mindset to push past limits we have placed on ourselves. It will cause us to push past any obstacle that we face. Determination mixed with discipline will cause us to win, every single time. I hear you saying, that is easier said than done, but all it takes is a made up mind. We have to conquer ourselves, our minds daily. Truth is, we all experience days that life happens and causes us to not “feel like it”, but the purpose and the goal has to bigger than our feelings. I wish I could say as I type this blog, that I have it all together and I am winning in every area of my life, but the truth is, just as I am encouraging and challenging you, I too am being encouraged and challenged. We wake up each day to another opportunity to conquer ourselves and the world. We get to do better than the day before. What a blessing that is. I get to evaluate my yesterday and do something different to ensure I don’t repeat the mistake of yesterday, just by changing my mind.

We have all heard and said “ a mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Our minds send messages to our ears, mouth and bodies, and they follow what the mind tells it. Therefore, we have to take control of our minds, so that we are producing what is going to add value to our lives. If we continue being conquered by the negative thoughts of the mind, then we will never complete our assignments in the earth. Self-check, positive self-talk and an attitude of winning are your challenge today. I dare you to take on this mindset. Confess “I AM A WINNER”.

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, I want you to take control in that moment. Tell yourself, “No, I will not entertain this negativity”. Begin to speak positive, which will be the opposite of whatever you are telling yourself in the moment. Your situation does not have to determine your outcome. You can change your thoughts, change your mind, thusly change your outcome. There are billions of people experiencing negative situations and circumstances, but I guarantee there are a small percentage of those billions who have determined that no matter what, I will win. Decide today to be a part of the small percentage. Be apart of the few that have made up in their mind that there is nothing that will prevent us from being all that we were created to be and we will finish strong, the life that has been set before us, so that others may see that they too can WIN. Be the example. Be the vessel.

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1 Comment

Amen, Amen and AGAIN I say AMEN. Glory Hallelujah !!!! Thank you Mo for being a dedicated vessel to help ME ♥️ I am a winner !!!!

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