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The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

To Sacrifice means to humble oneself. It means to give up something with the intent to give or provide something to or for someone else. Are you a willing person of sacrifice? Are you a person that will set aside yourself for a moment, to ensure the need or even the desire of someone else can be fulfilled? Please think about that for a moment. This does not mean neglect yourself overall, but it does mean, sometimes we must sacrificially humble and give of ourselves, which also requires giving up ourselves, what we want, what we think, or what we believe.

One of the greatest sacrifices one can make is to LISTEN. How many times have you allowed someone to speak, without being quick to respond? Sometimes our sacrifice could be as simple as listening, to not respond at all. Wow, what a powerful truth. Why? Because most of us have a natural desire and ability to problem-solve, in whatever way we deem necessary. However, what if the moment only requires us to hear and not necessarily act immediately? Having the ability to discern the moment, will allow us to know if we should or should not respond in a way that gives our opinion or advice, swiftly.

When speaking of the Sacrifice to Listen, this means listen to hear, not to respond. This means, allow what you hear to penetrate your heart and challenge your mind, that you may know how to respond properly, going forward. Your sacrifice could change not only the willingness of someone to trust and confide in you, but could also change your perspective and ability to sacrifice, and to hear. When you listen to hear, you sacrifice to give attention in depth to what is being said. You are sensitive enough in that moment, to also hear what is not being said, discerning the spirit what is being shared. This my friend, requires sacrifice.

Are you willing to make the sacrifice, so that all who encounter you have an opportunity to experience what it feels like to not only be heard, but to know there are people who sacrifice to listen and to hear? If all of us would yield to the sacrifice of listening to hear, this world would be a place where love could abide, and every need could be met. As the sacrifice is made, the reaction would be that of Love and Wisdom, followed by the Manifestation of what is Necessary, Just Because We Sacrificed. The next time someone chooses to share with or confide in you, listen to hear, not to respond. Make the sacrifice, that you may give solely what is necessary in that moment, for the individual who is entrusting you. Make this a goal and execute accordingly. Sacrifice To Listen, and To Hear.

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