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If You're Ready, Sign Up Now For $19.99!!!

There are many ways to get paid with Farmasi:

Personal Commissions, Team and Leadership Commissions.









Farmasi Basics:

You earn 50% Always, and Immediately - No Requirement

No Website Fees, Monthly or Yearly Fees

Virtually, No Quota

(One order every 6 months keeps you active, no specific amount)

Up To 25% For Personal/Group Bonus

Plus A Leadership Bonus, Recruiting Bonus, and Rank Up Bonus

Car Allowance (Cash Bonus To Be Used For Anything)

No Inventory To Keep (Unless You Want To, At Your Expense) Everything Is Sold On Your Website

Super Affordable Products, Toxin Free and Exceptional Quality.

Income and Compensation Plan (Your Earning Potential)

50% ON ALL SALES- EX. You sell a 14.00 Lipgloss, you earn 7.00. Sell 100.00 you earn 50.00.

Team Commissions - 200.00 in group volume (GV) you hit Leadership Bonus Rank of 3% of each downline

400.00 GV= 6% bonus; 600GV=9% bonus; 900.00 GV=12% bonus;

1400.00 GV=15% bonus; 2200.00 GV=18% bonus; 3600 GV=22% bonus; 5000.00 GV=25% Bonus (YOU ARE RANKED DIRECTOR)

There are many other ways to get paid with Farmasi.


Sign Up Now By Clicking the link below.

Be Sure You Are Under My Sponsor Code 0243564.

Come On, Let’s Do Big Things!

When you sign up to become a Farmasi beauty consultant, you

will have the chance to purchase the  welcome kit. This kit includes many products and brochures for new recruits. Not

only is it a very helpful sales tool, but it also gives you

very discounted prices on our products.

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There is not a specific time to introduce the benefits of  FARMASİ. Every moment is a new opportunity for you to  raise your earnings. As life goes on, the opportunities continue as well along with new opportunities.

You can introduce the benefits and opportunities of FARMASİ products anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Invite them to become part of this world of benefits.





There is not a specific place to introduce the benefits of FARMASİ: in the park, in the grocery store, in the restaurant, in the coffee house, in the movie theatre, during the match, in the school, in the bus, in the metro… Your potential entrepreneurs are waiting for you everywhere in order to beautify themselves and from you any earning opportunity.


You can introduce the benefits of FARMASİ to anyone at any age. With more than 2,000 varieties of products, FARMASİ keeps your opportunities to benefit constantly growing.

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