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As life happens, know that it is okay to slow down, to exhale. Please do take a moment to stop, walk away from it all and regroup. Not only is this okay, but it is necessary. There is a such thing as burnout if we are not strategic and intentional with balancing our lives.

Many of us wear many hats, from spouses, parents, businesspersons, sibling, friends, just to name a few, which causes us to be busy. We want to please everyone, make sure everyone is okay and have what they need from us. All the while, most times neglecting ourselves.

Today, I want you to take a moment to reflect. How many times have you contemplated giving up? I hear you, you said too many to count. You even said, “At times I did” because the load was just too much. I know, I have been there. Here is what I know. In those times that we gave up, if what we gave up on was destined for us to accomplish, we later came back to it. It would not leave our minds, our hearts, and it was destined to manifest in our lives. It may have lied dormant, but later it came back up in our spirits and we had to make it happen. Therefore, I say, take a break if you must, but don’t give up.

Life is full of swift transitions, things are everchanging. With that said, we must prioritize our to-do-list. Prioritize what is most important to least important and chomp at it day by day. We are to be a progressive people. To do so, we must balance life. It is imperative that we strategize the important things, knowing that vacations, self-care, and awareness are apart of that important list. YOU ARE IMPORTANT! If you do not take care of you, you will be no good in any of the roles you occupy.

Have you ever been snappy and frustrated with everything and everyone? Everything gets on your nerves, annoys you or simply frustrates you. This my friend means you need to step away and regroup. As you plan your days, weeks, months and beyond, a plan to care for and take care of yourself should be apart. If you are guilty of not taking care of yourself, that ends today.

You will be less likely to desire quitting if you balance your life. At least once a month, you should take a day just for you. Do whatever is going to bring you joy, laughter and peace. You should balance days with family and friends as well. Life CANNOT be all about business. This is unhealthy for you and for those you love and love you.

If you have quit on something you know you are called to do, today is your day to pick it back up. You may need to revisit the plan, but know the goal remains. If you are a person who has a desire to quit, plans change, but purpose does not. It is okay if the plan you had in place is not the working plan. Rework the plan. Get some assistance. You do know, you were not created to do life alone. There are people destined to help you along life’s journey. Do not allow pride to prevent you from your help. Someone is successful where you may be failing, or in this case desiring to quit. All it will require is humility and your willingness to admit you need help. It really is that simple, and your life and what you are trying to do will be so much easier.

We were not created to do everything, but everything has someone who can do it. Will you connect? Find out who has what you need and pursue their assistance. I decree in 2022, you will not quit. You will not quit on your purpose, your relationships or yourself. You have everything you need, within you to be successful. That includes the will to seek help.

As this entry ends, I want you to say this. “I will take breaks, but I will not quit”. Rest if you must, but do not allow quitting to be an option. Purpose is calling you. Legacy must be fulfilled. There is nothing that you have been purposed to do, that will not require some layer of challenge. But, I declare you will fulfill your assignment, and you WILL NOT QUIT

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Have you heard the statement “He/She Is Just Talking”? Yes, I know you have. As a matter of fact, I am sure you have also made the statement. The statement is usually because the person does not believe what has been stated or at the least doesn’t take the other person seriously. What would cause this? I would say either whatever is stated is just that unbelievable or the person that stated it just isn’t a person who others take seriously, maybe due to inability to follow through, or maybe they are known for making false accusations, causing others to not believe what they say. Either way, it is a sad indictment that a person’s word holds no positive weight.

This blog is to let you know if you are unaware, to remind you if you are aware, that your words have power. The power could be positive or negative. What you are willing to speak, will manifest in your life. Think about your words spoken day to day. What are you speaking, thusly seeing manifest into your life each day? Words that maybe we do not even realize we are speaking, causing an affect on our lives.

I have learned and am practicing speaking what I want to see, no matter the reality. This does not mean I don’t know what the reality is, I just know that what I am willing to speak, will ultimately be my reality. In transparency, I will share that in 2019 I prayed to God, released faith to make a love connection with a certain individual. I literally put faith with works into action. I am a person who is not afraid to show interest and even to make it known that I have a crush or like someone. I did this, in this situation. Because of where the person was in that season, I knew the connection would not be right away, however I waited, believing the time would come. Earlier this year, I made another bold move that would ultimately reveal whether a connection would be made. Unfortunately, it did not end in a love connection. However, I did not walk away from the situation feeling defeated because though there was not a love connection made, we do have a great friendship, business, and ministry relationship, that I know if I call, he would be right there to assist me in anyway, and I would do the same.

I could have taken negative away from this experience, but my words and what I spoke were not in vain. Though I released faith for the love connection, I also left room for God’s will to be done if my desire was not his will. It was not that I am not an amazing person, or that we did not like each other, I simply took away that it was not the connection that either of us were supposed to make, on that level. My words manifested a great platonic relationship. Whatever you speak, you must speak knowing you will see manifestation. The most important thing is ensuring you are open to God’s will despite your desire, because until manifestation it is difficult to know for certain if what you desire is what he wills. If I had taken bitterness, rejection, and anger as my stance, I would not have the great friendship that I have and I would miss out on so many amazing opportunities to be who I have been called to be. Do not allow an unfavorable result to stop you from speaking and believing. Your words WILL produce for you. What they produce will either be what you want, or an opportunity for you to learn, grow and mature. I believe so much in myself and the words that I speak, that I expect manifestation favorable to me, no matter in what way. I decree that EVERYTHING that I speak will come to pass. This is how I live my life, and I will say there is a very large percent that manifests exactly as I have asked and desire. This is because I fully believe what I say. It does not matter to me if anyone else believes or if they think I am crazy for what I am speaking. The truth is, no one else must believe what I want to manifest in my life, only me. It will be my or your faith for that thing, that causes a manifestation. Therefore, my challenge to you today, is do not be afraid to SPEAK WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE. Do not limit God by determining if it does not happen by a specific date and time, it will not happen. God does not operate in Kronos time. Kronos is for us. He operates in PERFECT TIME. His timing is impeccable. Do not limit him believing what you are asking is what is best, because HE KNOWS best, what is best for us. When manifestation happens, we realize the timing or the blessing could not have been better, no matter what we originally thought it would be.

Open your mouth, manifest intentionally and do not lose hope, faith, or expectation in what it is you want to see happen. If no one else believes what you say, you make sure YOU believe. Daily, tell yourself “I shall have what I decree”. "What I say shall come to pass". Now, go ahead and SPEAK!

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How many times do we hear and say, FORGIVE? When-so we are normally referring to forgive others. While this is definitely true, we focus so much on forgiving others that we forget that same energy is necessary when it comes to ourselves.

Forgiving is a big topic of discussion overall. It is challenging at times to forgive, especially if you were wronged, and possibly feel the other person does not deserve forgiveness. You feel truly, you have every reason to be unforgiving. It could be true that you have every reason, but be mindful that each day we are all tempted, and sometimes guilty of needing forgiveness. Because of this, we have to know that the same forgiveness we expect, we must extend.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it altogether and not have to apologize for misbehavior, selfishness, speaking before thinking, all of the things that causes us to be imperfect beings. Truth is, we would not have room for growth, maturity, to learn, or to have wisdom instilled if we had it altogether, therefore we have to experience the trials of life. We have to be placed in positions that remind us, that we are ALL imperfect beings, that require grace and mercy extended to us, by each other, ultimately God.

Think of the last time you needed forgiveness. How did that make you feel? I am referring to the time that you were dead wrong. You messed up and you know you did. That moment should have humbled you to the point that you were willing to do whatever it took, to be forgiven. I can speak for me, I recently experienced that space, and it truly humbled me. It was something I knew not to do, but because we are human, sometimes we do before we think, forgetting there are always consequences to our actions. The consequences have to be experienced, that ultimately we fully understand and decide not to ever do that again. But, what if forgiveness isn’t extended. Not only do we have to face that fact, but we also have to deal with ourselves and the regret of the decision we made. This sometimes causes us to be hard on ourselves, ultimately condemning ourselves. How do I know? Because as I stated, I was recently there. I quickly reminded myself that as much as I want to always get it right, that is not reality. There will many more times that I will mess up, not intentionally, but because each day I have to die to my flesh, and some days flesh wins over spirit. Flesh causes us to make wrong choices, speak before thinking, always wanting to win in conversation or situation. It causes us to be selfish and inconsiderate at times. Therefore, we have to face the consequences that come with that. Yet, we have to be willing to forgive ourselves, understanding that forgiveness is not only to be given to others, but ultimately to oneself.

When I was faced with this reminder and truth, just a few days ago, that self- forgiveness freed me, of me. It freed of myself and allowed me to accept the fact that the other person had forgiven me as well. Don’t allow your mind to trick you into believing you cannot be forgiven. Once you have repented, God forgives you. Not only does he forgive you, he throws it out and does not bring it up to you again. This is exactly what we should do for ourselves. As I stated earlier, we will make more mistakes, so think about if we hold on to this guilt, shame and unforgiveness, how much weight we will carry, how miserable and depressed we would be.

Forgive yourself today. Yes, you did it, but it is not the end of the world. You woke up again. Consider it a teachable moment. You’ve been extended grace and mercy again, therefore you have another opportunity to correct the wrong. The most important thing, is learn from what was, and move on so you don’t make that specific mistake again. As much and as many times as you have to forgive others, know the same amount of times or more, you have to forgive yourself. I know sometimes your mind or the enemy makes you feel you do not deserve it, but ultimately if you have repented, which means to make a conscious decision to change your behavior, you will be afforded another opportunity. Extend this grace to YOURSELF today, so that you can be free to soar like an eagle, and share that freedom with someone else, so they may soar.

Now, say to yourself, " I forgive myself, that I may be free to soar".... SOAR EAGLE!

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