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The Sacrifice

To Sacrifice means to humble oneself. It means to give up something with the intent to give or provide something to or for someone else. Are you a willing person of sacrifice? Are you a person that will set aside yourself for a moment, to ensure the need or even the desire of someone else can be fulfilled? Please think about that for a moment. This does not mean neglect yourself overall, but it does mean, sometimes we must sacrificially humble and give of ourselves, which also requires giving up ourselves, what we want, what we think, or what we believe.

One of the greatest sacrifices one can make is to LISTEN. How many times have you allowed someone to speak, without being quick to respond? Sometimes our sacrifice could be as simple as listening, to not respond at all. Wow, what a powerful truth. Why? Because most of us have a natural desire and ability to problem-solve, in whatever way we deem necessary. However, what if the moment only requires us to hear and not necessarily act immediately? Having the ability to discern the moment, will allow us to know if we should or should not respond in a way that gives our opinion or advice, swiftly.

When speaking of the Sacrifice to Listen, this means listen to hear, not to respond. This means, allow what you hear to penetrate your heart and challenge your mind, that you may know how to respond properly, going forward. Your sacrifice could change not only the willingness of someone to trust and confide in you, but could also change your perspective and ability to sacrifice, and to hear. When you listen to hear, you sacrifice to give attention in depth to what is being said. You are sensitive enough in that moment, to also hear what is not being said, discerning the spirit what is being shared. This my friend, requires sacrifice.

Are you willing to make the sacrifice, so that all who encounter you have an opportunity to experience what it feels like to not only be heard, but to know there are people who sacrifice to listen and to hear? If all of us would yield to the sacrifice of listening to hear, this world would be a place where love could abide, and every need could be met. As the sacrifice is made, the reaction would be that of Love and Wisdom, followed by the Manifestation of what is Necessary, Just Because We Sacrificed. The next time someone chooses to share with or confide in you, listen to hear, not to respond. Make the sacrifice, that you may give solely what is necessary in that moment, for the individual who is entrusting you. Make this a goal and execute accordingly. Sacrifice To Listen, and To Hear.

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The many things that you desire and are praying for, are going to come, but let me share with you, and hear me clearly. It is going to come with a COST! The question is, do you want what you desire bad enough to pay the cost?

No matter what it is you desire, THERE IS A COST. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is FREE. What is it going to cost you, you ask? It is going to cost you time, sweat, tears, a sacrifice of things that you may not be quick to sacrifice. It may even cost you your will and agenda. Maybe you have some things you are attached to, that will require you rid them, in order to see the manifestation of what you desire. I use to be tricked by the supposed sales in retail stores, until I started working in retail many years ago. It was then that I realized that the prices are not sale prices, but marked down, from the original mark up. Also, the wording will have you believing you are getting a good deal. You know, you’re familiar with BOGO (Buy One, Get One). Truth is you are not receiving a free item, but the cost you are paying for the one, believing you are getting one free, was marked up, which covers both items.

We have to condition our minds to know and understand, anything valuable will come with a cost. A cost that will not be so easy that you swiftly surrender it, and readily pay. Those things of value tend to cause us to put a lot of thought into them before making a permanent decision. We start asking ourselves questions like, do I really want this? Is this really necessary? Do I NEED this? This is because it is going to cost us an amount that we will feel, as it leaves our lives.

Think about what it is in your life that you really want. Think about what it is going to cost you, then ask yourself, am I willing to pay the cost? As I think of some specific things that I have asked God for, I am also challenged to prepare for those things. In preparation, I understand that in order for manifestation to happen, so must my preparation. God will not give us what we are not ready for or will not appreciate. Would you buy a 10- year-old a car, knowing they are not able to handle that big of a blessing at such an early stage of life, even if they asked? So it is with God, he is not going to give us what he knows we cannot handle, prematurely. He will give us time to prepare. He will even show and tell us exactly what we need to do, to receive.

While you are praying and believing for certain things, ensure you’re putting in the work required to see the manifestation. The scripture is true, FAITH WITHOUT WORKS is dead. Putting in the work, takes care of the cost of whatever it is that we expect to receive.

If you are not willing to work, to pay the cost, stop asking, speaking and expecting, because it will not manifest. Everything that manifests from the Supernatural, manifests because some natural actions caused the release. Think about that for a moment! Every dream, every vision, every expectation requires an action.

Your challenge today, is to put a plan in place to see that which you desire. Don’t just plan, but WORK the plan, and PAY THE COST!

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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

When you saw the word “LEAP”, what is it that dropped in your spirit? What came into to your mind? Perhaps it is that thing that you have been pondering. Maybe that thing that you have continued to convince yourself you cannot do. You want to do it, but you keep allowing the three things that hold most of us captive, preventing us from being our absolute best selves. Those three things are Fear, Our Past and Insecurities.

Fear creeps in to paralyze us. It literally comes in to prevent us from all of the amazing things that we can accomplish, if we would just believe WE CAN. Everything in you, that will benefit you and those that will experience you, is placed by our Creator (God). He placed it in you, to discover. Upon the discovery, he wants you to tap into it, mature it, that it may manifest in your life. If you are a bible reader, then you know Fear is an enemy. God did not give us the spirit of Fear, therefore it is of the enemy. When we realize that whatever God placed in us, we can do it, be it and be the very best at it, for his glory, then we will be more willing.

Your Past may not be pleasant, you may not be proud of it, but think about this; If it were not for your past, the mistakes, the mishaps, the failures, the losses, you would not have learned some of the valuable lessons you learned. You would not have discovered some of the truths you’ve discovered. You wouldn’t have made some of the connections you’ve made. You simply would not be the person you are today and steadily becoming, had it not been for your past. When I discovered that my past has assisted in me being who I am currently, I thank God for the experience. I view my bad decisions differently. I am not as hard on myself. I released myself from self-condemnation. Yes, I would have and should have done some things differently, but since I didn’t, I accept the choices I made, embrace now, understanding my past “Had to Happen”. I am better because I learned, I’ve grown and I have forgiven, mainly myself.

Those things that you are insecure about, may be the very things that make you uniquely you. Today, I challenge you to think of your insecurities and make a decision to embrace those things about you, view them from the perspective of, how can I make this work in my favor? How can I use this about me, to help someone else? How can I share with someone else that this particular thing does not have to define me or them. We have been created by the Master Crafter, to be imperfectly perfect, unashamed, full of life and willing to walk through life just as we were created.

As you accept the challenge today, whatever came to mind when you originally saw the word LEAP, take the leap towards that today. Cast down fear, use your past as a testament of your now and your future, and forget about those things that make you feel less than God’s Perfect Creation. Never doubt God’s handiwork. He created you on purpose, with purpose, that you may be purposeful. Everything he made is good, and in you is everything you need to BE and to BECOME. Know I am watching you, and I know that who you shall become will manifest because you decided to “LEAP”

Ask yourself:

1. What am I waiting for?

2. What am I afraid of?

3. If not me, then who?

Answer, Make The Adjustments, Then LEAP!!!!

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