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You have been wondering the best time to get started, and I am here to tell you the time is NOW. Maybe you have continued to talk yourself out of the launch, making all of the wonderful excuses to support that thought, yet the time is NOW. Now is the time to stop allowing fear as well as the multiplicity of excuses to cause you to continue forfeiting purpose as well as passion. Nothing is more painful than allowing yourself to sit idly by and silent concerning what you know you should be doing or should have already done.

What happens when so much time has gone by, that you now see someone else accomplishing that which you should have done? The same idea, in the same way it was given to you. I believe if an idea is given to us, by God, he gave it with purpose. It was something he wanted to release in the earth, strategically given to you, he wanted your anointing and uniqueness on it. However, it is also my belief that if you refuse to be the conduit of the idea, then he is not obligated to wait for you to decide to do as instructed. He then will release the same idea to someone who is willing, and ready to be the vessel. Yes, it may be some difference as it relates to methods and overall function, but you will definitely be convicted of the fact that it is the same idea that was given to you, and you did not seize the opportunity to be used.

As you read this blog, take an evaluation of all of the ideas and instructions God has given you. With those ideas and instructions, how many have you allowed to sit on the shelf? Some may be on paper, but what about those that never even made it to paper? Do you even remember them? There are some ideas, visions and dreams that you have forgotten about because time has passed, life has happened and you would have to get too uncomfortable to even fully see it within, to see it without. Guess what, now is the time to become uncomfortable.

Now is the time for you to get out of your head. Your head cannot be trusted. Now is the time for you to follow your spirit and not your head. It is not even a good idea to follow your heart. The heart will not always lead you accurately. Ultimately it is your spirit that is most accurate. You are spirit and it is your spirit that is connected to THE SPIRIT, that will always lead you in the direction, along the path that will bless and sustain you. Now is the time for you to stop listening to the negativity and opinions of your peers and those around you. You are allowing the negativity and opinions to prevent you from embracing your passion and fulfilling your purpose. Now is the time to rid all of the excuses that you continue to make. Now is the time to hold yourself accountable for all procrastination and negative self-talk. Now is the time for you to surround yourself with those that will assist you to your higher place and stop maintaining comfort zones and laziness. Now is the time for you to exercise the anointing that was given to you. No, you may not necessarily deserve it, but gifts are not always given because they are deserved. Sometimes, gifts are given to make a statement of belief in, forgiveness or pure love for an individual, to prove to them that despite them, as the giver they were being obedient in giving. Now is the time for you to do exactly what is in you, to do.

You have put NOW off long enough. You do not have to wait until 2021 to begin, you can make up your mind today, and go for it now. You can begin planning NOW. You can take the step NOW. Go ahead do it NOW. I give you permission to release yourself from all negative energy, bind fear, and shut the mouth of any enemy, including yourself. Stop being held hostage and launch out into the deep. Here you will find out that everything you need, has already been provided, you just need to access the moment, NOW. I encourage you, challenge you and push you to go ahead and DO IT NOW!

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