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How many times do we hear and say, FORGIVE? When-so we are normally referring to forgive others. While this is definitely true, we focus so much on forgiving others that we forget that same energy is necessary when it comes to ourselves.

Forgiving is a big topic of discussion overall. It is challenging at times to forgive, especially if you were wronged, and possibly feel the other person does not deserve forgiveness. You feel truly, you have every reason to be unforgiving. It could be true that you have every reason, but be mindful that each day we are all tempted, and sometimes guilty of needing forgiveness. Because of this, we have to know that the same forgiveness we expect, we must extend.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it altogether and not have to apologize for misbehavior, selfishness, speaking before thinking, all of the things that causes us to be imperfect beings. Truth is, we would not have room for growth, maturity, to learn, or to have wisdom instilled if we had it altogether, therefore we have to experience the trials of life. We have to be placed in positions that remind us, that we are ALL imperfect beings, that require grace and mercy extended to us, by each other, ultimately God.

Think of the last time you needed forgiveness. How did that make you feel? I am referring to the time that you were dead wrong. You messed up and you know you did. That moment should have humbled you to the point that you were willing to do whatever it took, to be forgiven. I can speak for me, I recently experienced that space, and it truly humbled me. It was something I knew not to do, but because we are human, sometimes we do before we think, forgetting there are always consequences to our actions. The consequences have to be experienced, that ultimately we fully understand and decide not to ever do that again. But, what if forgiveness isn’t extended. Not only do we have to face that fact, but we also have to deal with ourselves and the regret of the decision we made. This sometimes causes us to be hard on ourselves, ultimately condemning ourselves. How do I know? Because as I stated, I was recently there. I quickly reminded myself that as much as I want to always get it right, that is not reality. There will many more times that I will mess up, not intentionally, but because each day I have to die to my flesh, and some days flesh wins over spirit. Flesh causes us to make wrong choices, speak before thinking, always wanting to win in conversation or situation. It causes us to be selfish and inconsiderate at times. Therefore, we have to face the consequences that come with that. Yet, we have to be willing to forgive ourselves, understanding that forgiveness is not only to be given to others, but ultimately to oneself.

When I was faced with this reminder and truth, just a few days ago, that self- forgiveness freed me, of me. It freed of myself and allowed me to accept the fact that the other person had forgiven me as well. Don’t allow your mind to trick you into believing you cannot be forgiven. Once you have repented, God forgives you. Not only does he forgive you, he throws it out and does not bring it up to you again. This is exactly what we should do for ourselves. As I stated earlier, we will make more mistakes, so think about if we hold on to this guilt, shame and unforgiveness, how much weight we will carry, how miserable and depressed we would be.

Forgive yourself today. Yes, you did it, but it is not the end of the world. You woke up again. Consider it a teachable moment. You’ve been extended grace and mercy again, therefore you have another opportunity to correct the wrong. The most important thing, is learn from what was, and move on so you don’t make that specific mistake again. As much and as many times as you have to forgive others, know the same amount of times or more, you have to forgive yourself. I know sometimes your mind or the enemy makes you feel you do not deserve it, but ultimately if you have repented, which means to make a conscious decision to change your behavior, you will be afforded another opportunity. Extend this grace to YOURSELF today, so that you can be free to soar like an eagle, and share that freedom with someone else, so they may soar.

Now, say to yourself, " I forgive myself, that I may be free to soar".... SOAR EAGLE!

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