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Take A Break, Rest If You Must, BUT DON'T QUIT!

As life happens, know that it is okay to slow down, to exhale. Please do take a moment to stop, walk away from it all and regroup. Not only is this okay, but it is necessary. There is a such thing as burnout if we are not strategic and intentional with balancing our lives.

Many of us wear many hats, from spouses, parents, businesspersons, sibling, friends, just to name a few, which causes us to be busy. We want to please everyone, make sure everyone is okay and have what they need from us. All the while, most times neglecting ourselves.

Today, I want you to take a moment to reflect. How many times have you contemplated giving up? I hear you, you said too many to count. You even said, “At times I did” because the load was just too much. I know, I have been there. Here is what I know. In those times that we gave up, if what we gave up on was destined for us to accomplish, we later came back to it. It would not leave our minds, our hearts, and it was destined to manifest in our lives. It may have lied dormant, but later it came back up in our spirits and we had to make it happen. Therefore, I say, take a break if you must, but don’t give up.

Life is full of swift transitions, things are everchanging. With that said, we must prioritize our to-do-list. Prioritize what is most important to least important and chomp at it day by day. We are to be a progressive people. To do so, we must balance life. It is imperative that we strategize the important things, knowing that vacations, self-care, and awareness are apart of that important list. YOU ARE IMPORTANT! If you do not take care of you, you will be no good in any of the roles you occupy.

Have you ever been snappy and frustrated with everything and everyone? Everything gets on your nerves, annoys you or simply frustrates you. This my friend means you need to step away and regroup. As you plan your days, weeks, months and beyond, a plan to care for and take care of yourself should be apart. If you are guilty of not taking care of yourself, that ends today.

You will be less likely to desire quitting if you balance your life. At least once a month, you should take a day just for you. Do whatever is going to bring you joy, laughter and peace. You should balance days with family and friends as well. Life CANNOT be all about business. This is unhealthy for you and for those you love and love you.

If you have quit on something you know you are called to do, today is your day to pick it back up. You may need to revisit the plan, but know the goal remains. If you are a person who has a desire to quit, plans change, but purpose does not. It is okay if the plan you had in place is not the working plan. Rework the plan. Get some assistance. You do know, you were not created to do life alone. There are people destined to help you along life’s journey. Do not allow pride to prevent you from your help. Someone is successful where you may be failing, or in this case desiring to quit. All it will require is humility and your willingness to admit you need help. It really is that simple, and your life and what you are trying to do will be so much easier.

We were not created to do everything, but everything has someone who can do it. Will you connect? Find out who has what you need and pursue their assistance. I decree in 2022, you will not quit. You will not quit on your purpose, your relationships or yourself. You have everything you need, within you to be successful. That includes the will to seek help.

As this entry ends, I want you to say this. “I will take breaks, but I will not quit”. Rest if you must, but do not allow quitting to be an option. Purpose is calling you. Legacy must be fulfilled. There is nothing that you have been purposed to do, that will not require some layer of challenge. But, I declare you will fulfill your assignment, and you WILL NOT QUIT

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