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Cancel Your Excuse Subscription

Have you ever been full of excuses? Most likely the answer is YES. Most of us have been in seasons or situations in life that we have been full of excuses. Excuse not to do something, or not to show up in a way that we should. An excuse to prevent something maybe we don’t want to do. If you are like me, then you have also been at a point that you were tired of yourself, making all of those excuses.

Life has a way of dishing us plenty of excuses and reasons why we could continue making them. Reality is, this is the perfect way to stay comfortable and stuck. Think of all of the excuses you have made over the years, all of the things you did not accomplish because you constantly made an excuse. Would you not be in a better place, had you gone ahead and accomplished some of those things? Maybe you would even feel better about yourself, had you trusted what you originally wanted to do. The excuses possibly prevented you from discovering your best self. In that same space, I am sure you blamed someone or something else, instead of admitting it was you who self -sabotaged, because of the excuses. We have all experienced disappointment in life, trauma, rejection, betrayal, hurt, just to name a few things, yet it all boils down to us making the decision to manifest what we desire despite life’s trials.

There will always be obstacles. There will always be reasons why we would, could or should give up, but there must be a conqueror in us that is willing to press past even ourselves, to see an expected end. Remember this, excuses will always be available, but opportunities may not. Yes, sometimes an opportunity may come back around, but it is not obligated to, if we miss it. Sometimes an opportunity is missed and all that is left, is regret.

As a new month and year have approached, decide this year will not be a repeat year of excuses. Speak to yourself and tell yourself “Stop The Excuses”. I heard a very wise man say once, “you have all great excuses, you just have too many”. Your excuses may be valid, but there are times when we have to push past the excuses and conquer.

What is it in your life that you need to conquer? What have you constantly made excuses for not doing, or accomplishing? What opportunity for yourself or someone else, is held up, unpresented because of your excuses? The moment you decide “No More Excuses” will be the moment you begin to see things shift in your life, for the better. My father in Ministry, Pastor Kenneth N. Reid Sr. defined an excuse by stating, “An excuse is a demonic explanation, offered by the uncommitted to release themselves from a job, task or responsibility”. Wow, that has stuck with me for about 20 years, since I heard him say it. So, the next time you are continuing to accept the excuses you are making, I hope you remember this statement.

Choose today, to commit. Commit to your dreams. Commit to executing a plan of action. Commit to being the best person, to yourself and others. Commit to daily habits that bring value into your life and are beneficial for your life. Commit to demolishing all excuses from your vocabulary, being willing to check yourself when you begin to make them. Your willingness to create and fully walk in your purpose, allows someone else to become. As I always say, someone else’s purpose and destiny is tied to you being who you were created. I do not believe any of us want to be responsible for someone not becoming their best self, because we were making an excuse not to be our best self.

Each blog that is written, is to me first. Life happens to us all and life can deal some blows that can give us every reason to complain and make excuses, ultimately refusing to show up whole and effective in our journey. But, we have to decide that no matter what, Purpose Shall Prevail.

Today, cancel your subscription to “Excuses”. I decree that today marks a new beginning for your life and intentionality. I decree you will walk into every door opened to you. You will be the catalyst of someone else’s opened door, blessing, miracle or breakthrough. You will yield to tell yourself the truth about where you are, and where you need to be. You will make the necessary adjustments to become exactly who you are purposed to be. You will walk fully into purpose and out of the valley of excuses. I declare and decree this over your life. Now, are you in agreement, and will you decree it to be so? Allow new life to begin my canceling all of your excuses.

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