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Choose Peace

In a world full of chaos, it is yet possible for you to not only be at Peace, but to walk in that Peace. Peace is knowing that despite everything that is going on in your life, or around you, everything will be fine. Peace is accepting that even if things do not work out completely favorable, there is a manifestation that will still yield a result, that will either empower or teach us something that will be beneficial to our lives.

At the age of 45, I can positively say I have been through enough that could have caused me to be bitter, angry and even inflict self-condemnation. But, due to proper perspective it has made me wiser. Because of that wisdom, I have chosen Peace. No, I do not have it altogether. No, not everything in my life is going exactly as I would like. As a matter of fact, I am far from where I want to be, yet realize I am in a much better place mentally, now versus a year ago. Despite all, I have learned to accept now, trust God in the process of preparing and striving for what is ahead.

As I have traveled through life and its trials, I stumbled upon the realization that there will always be something to be frustrated, upset, uncomfortable, combative, and so many other negative adjectives I could name. But, upon realizing this, I made the choice to choose. I choose to take control of my emotions, act instead of react, then make conscious decisions before allowing situations to control me. This is huge because most people react and then regret. I speak this from experience, as having been that person.

No one or No-thing is worth our Peace. If you are reading this and lack Peace, allow this to encourage you. Allow me to share few things to help you gain or regain Peace in your life. Choose to apply them, and see the difference they will make.

1. Spend time in silence, meditating and allowing your mind to be free of all thoughts. (Especially Negative)

A. Think on things that cause you to smile. Envision things you desire. See yourself in a place you want to be, doing something you want to do.

B. Play relaxing music- Music soothes.

C. Journal- Writing allows you to release emotions. It prevents you from the need to share “everything” with others.

2. Take a walk- Walking will cause you to relax your mind and body.

3. Surround yourself with positive people- You need people who can encourage you. People who cause you to see the positive in every situation.

4. When situations arise, do not react right away- Take a moment to think about what transpired and choose the best way to handle it. Act instead of Reacting.

5. Daily Affirmations- What you tell yourself daily, will encourage and empower you.

Use these 5 things to assist you to your place of Peace. I believe if you incorporate these into your life, you will see a positive change. You will smile more. Your conversations and actions will be positive, and you will be altogether, happy. You have the power to choose. Choose Peaceful Relationships. Choose Peaceful Atmospheres. Choose Peaceful Jobs. Choose Peace Altogether. In situations where there is a lack of peace, choose you and insert your methods that cause peace, despite chaos. Be bold enough to walk away from things and people that subtract from your peace. Know, it is not situations and circumstances that determine our happiness, and Peace. We determine if and how we will endure the trials of life. Remember, there will always be trials, but we do not have to always be negatively affected by them. Today I challenge you to CHOOSE PEACE!

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