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When is the last time you solely trusted God with something that if he didn’t do it, it would not be done?

Many times we say we trust God, but in actuality we trust our monies, ideas, plans, and the very things we have put in place to work towards what we are wanting to accomplish. How do I know this? Because I am guilty. We will call things miracles that are not miracles. We will manifest things and say it was a supernatural manifestation of the Lord. You had the money, that is why you got the house, car, etc. Miracles are manifested when there is absolutely NO WAY it can happen except God do it.

When is the last time you truly relied on God to manifest what you could not see, understand, or even begin to believe he would do?

I am here to challenge the person who has something before God and your money does not match, your bank account does not match, you may have absolutely no way to manifest this on your own. I am here to share that you are in the absolute best position you could possibly be in, to see God do what only he can. I have experienced anytime I had my plan A, then B, I messed up every time. When I sought God ahead of my plan, so the plan is ultimately his, led of the spirit, I have been placed in the exact place and position I was supposed to be, to receive exactly what he had for me. The word of God will always be true, when we seek him first, his way of doing things, everything we need will manifest into our lives. He is no respecter of persons, but of those who will seek, serve and trust him, no matter who you are, who you know, or where you go to church. He doesn’t even care if you go to church. HE HONORS FAITH, PERIOD.

I challenge you to step out today, be it in fear, doubt, disbelief, lack of something, whatever the stronghold, I am challenging you today to rethink it, and trust God to do it. DO IT SCARED. You don’t have the money, but God does. You don’t have the faith for it, but the faith is in you. You don’t see a way, but he will make a way. You don’t think you are able, but he is able to do far beyond what you could ever even imagine. The time has passed for us to walk fearful, lacking anything when all we have to do is TRUST GOD.

The purpose for me challenging you today, is I too have been challenged. It took sweat, tears, prayers and fasting for me to finally yield to what I know God placed in my spirit to do recently, yet I allowed fear to overtake me. So, as I breakthrough, I want to pull someone with me. I am sharing with you, what the Holy Spirit spoke so clearly to me. Miracles, Signs, and Wonders will be at a level that will be hard to even explain in this season, and because of that we have to be willing to DO IT SCARED. Though I spoke it, meant it and believed it, when the time came for me to do it, I too got scared. As the Holy Spirit reminded me, I decided "I must" and shall do exactly what I am ministering to others, that I may continue to be a testament of God’s faithfulness toward us, when we are willing to trust him.

How do we ask God to use us as vessels for Miracles, when we are afraid and do not want to be put in situations that require them? I decree and declare from this day forward, when trials come you will automatically view them as an opportunity for God to move. May you know that he is the same God that manifested for you all of the other times you doubted him.

It is the will of God that we live our lives in total trust and submission to him, knowing that he has absolutely nothing to do with fear. When fear rises in us, it is to prevent us from accomplishing something that will ultimately give God glory. Therefore, today I say to you Take The Leap, and DO IT SCARED! When you do, you too will see just how faithful the Creator is. Whatever your IT is that you are led of God to do, I decree you will not rest comfortably until you DO IT, even if you are scared.

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