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Evolve, Then Keep Evolving!

Evolution, defined in the dictionary, is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

As human beings, we were created to be ever evolving. At no time in our lives and journey should we become comfortable, complacent, and self-absorbed. We were created to be ever humble, ever teachable, ever learning and ever ready to give the same of ourselves. All of us are not only able to receive in the area of teaching, but we too can teach. Your life has yielded enough trials, and experiences that you can definitely teach others what to or not to do.

Are you intentionally making daily impact? Are you strategically planting seeds into the lives of others that will yield a harvest that will live on, even after you are gone? I want to reveal to you, or remind you that you have in you, what someone else needs. Who you were 10 years ago does not matter, but if you are still holding on to that person, then you are missing out on the opportunity to be who you are supposed to be now. It doesn’t even matter who you were yesterday. If you woke up today, you were presented with a new opportunity to face the trial of yesterday, and ensure it is does not affect your willingness to evolve. When we understand that each day given us, is an opportunity, a blessing, another chance to make a better choice that will assist us and others to a better place in our lives and journey ahead, we will handle life’s complications better.

If you are living life just to exist, with no intentional growth, progression and maturity, I am here to tell you, you are wasting your life. There is a momentum in you, that when you tap into it and live it out, you will find out, there is joy unspeakable on the inside of you. There is something in you, that when you fully tap into it, you will come alive, and life as you have accepted it, will be a thing of your past.

Your willingness to continually evolve, will prove to you the many facets of yourself. You were not created to be one dimensional. There are facets of you that you have not allowed yourself to be introduced to yet. God wants you to not only discover what is inside of you, but he wants you to embrace it, walk in it, and make absolutely no apologies about it. When is the last time you sat down, evaluated yourself and your life, and have been able to say, “My life is going exactly as I have planned” because you are being intentional about your life? No, things will not always go exactly as planned, but there should definitely BE A PLAN. Do not just live life and have a “whatever happens” mindset. You have power and authority, and if something is going on in your life that troubles you, you have the power to change it. Do not accept being stuck in life. This is not the will or plan of God for you. Each day, each week, each month and each year you should be evolving. You should be able to look back at each and say, “I am not the same”. Life teaches, trains and prepares us, if we allow it. Allow God to show you who and how. WHO to connect with to help you on your path of evolution, and HOW to construct the life he has created in you.

Today is here, tomorrow is not promised, yet you have and can function NOW. The seed you sow today, will yield a harvest of blessing whenever it is supposed to. Decide To Evolve and Never Stop!

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