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Life can be very challenging. The truth is, there will always be challenges in life. We will go from experience to experience, some good, some bad. If you really think about it, it is those challenges that shape us. I remember growing up, saying I could not wait until I was grown. You know you have said it too. Little did we know, all of the adult experiences we would have, would challenge everything we’ve learned, believed, and stood for. I remember also saying, “I’d never do that”, only to realize later in life that I would be put in situations that would challenge me in the very thing I said I would not do. What I discovered then, is that you never really know what you will or will not do until you are put in a particular situation.

Yes, it is most our desire to live lives that are upright and always make decisions to do the right thing. Unfortunately, as humans we are bound to make some wrong choices. A lot of times, in making those wrong choices, there are consequences. The consequences can be minimal or major, and how we handle them are totally up to us. Can you stand the test of time? How many situations and circumstances have you had, that challenged you to GIVE UP? Wow, for me, I’ve lost count. There have been seasons of my life that I have literally felt I am cursed, as it seemed there was one thing after another. In those situations, I discovered that most of what we say is, “the attack of the enemy”, really isn’t. It is sometimes due to wrong choices. We do not want to admit that a lot of our negative experiences and wounds, are self-inflicted. We go throughout life making choices, without seeking God or his plan for our lives, then we blame God when our lives are seemingly in total disarray.

Yes, there are times when life just happens, and things are totally out of our control. There are situations caused by others, spiritual attacks, and things that just had to happen, for us to mature. All of these will happen, as long as we are alive. Yet, the purpose of this Blog Entry is to encourage you, that when all of these things happen, for whatever reason they happen, DO NOT GIVE UP. Don’t give up on yourself, your relationships, your children, family, purpose, just don’t give up. We say “Giving Up Is Not An Option” and as soon as trouble manifests, we experience burnout, challenges and difficulties, we give up. We forget what led us to what it is we gave up on, the passion we had for it, it’s purpose in our journey. We forget everything and give up, because we didn’t feel the way we felt we needed to. How do I know? Because I too have given up at times, in life. I am a witness that life can throw some hard blows. Yet, the purpose is still IN US. Purpose does not go away when we experience life. When life happens, instead of giving up, we have to strategize to ensure what we are supposed to be doing or experiencing, still manifests.

We learn to push ourselves. How many times have you pushed yourself out of bed, and to work? I know, most of you probably say “everyday”. Well, that is another blog, for another day. But today, I challenge you to push yourself into purpose when necessary. It is our responsibility to ensure purpose is fulfilled. It is our responsibility to ensure that even when the challenges happen, we do not allow them to overcome us. Remembering why, makes the difference. When we remember the “why”, then the focus becomes keen. I know, it is hard. Trust me, I know. But, doing nothing and giving up, doesn’t make it easier or better.

What I have learned about purpose and the fulfillment thereof is, it is not about me. Purpose was given us, by God to GIVE in the earth. Your assignment in the earth is to others. Think about it. Whatever it is that you do, is in someway beneficial for someone else. So, whether you are in the marketplace or ministry, you have a purpose, and that purpose requires you to be willing to GIVE of yourself at all times. You can take a break, take some time away, a sabbatical, a vacation, rest, whatever it is you need to do, for the timeframe in which you need to do it. But, while you’re doing so, make plans for your return. You have a people that need you, a people that are impacted by you, therefore you cannot quit. I always say, just as we have a gift and anointing, we also have a people that are destined and anointed to be impacted by, and to support us in what it is we are gifted and purposed to do.

The reason I can speak on this topic, to encourage you is because this is a familiar place, and though at times I wanted to give up, the anointing in me, would not allow me. I decree the same for you. There will always be challenges and possibly even legitimate reasons why you want to give up, but it is in the push that lives will be changed. No one powerful, successful or impactful, has lived a life without challenges and obstacles. So, today whatever you have to do to get back in the ring, to get back on track with your purpose, this is your alarm. There is a world of people designated to receive from you and are waiting. May the very familiar saying ring in your ear, Giving Up Is Not An Option, but more-so, I ask you, Give Up, WHY? All you have to do is give. You have everything you need, IN YOU to do whatever it is, you are destined to do. Tap within, and win.

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This is so uplifting. Thank you so much. Theres always powers or people against all of us, but if we keep our eyes above, no one can deter us from our destiny God has for each of us.

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