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Just because you made a mistake, does not mean your life is over. Just because you “used to be”, does not mean you have to remain. Just because you were a victim of a negative act, does not mean you have to live as a victim. Stop reading for a moment and speak this: “I AM VICTORIOUS”. “I AM AN CONQUEROR”. “I AM AN OVERCOMER”.

Know that you have the power and the authority to change your story, no matter what it is or was. No one has the power to hold you captive in your past or present, except you allow them. Think about this; The situation that you were or are in, being held captive, why were or are you still bound? I can almost guarantee it is or was because “you” did not see yourself free. Guilt, shame or condemnation, held you down. Constant thoughts that you deserve the negative outcome because of something you did, will only bind you from your best self. So many times, we are our own worst enemy. We are hard on ourselves, we self-sabotage ourselves all because we do not believe in ourselves.

Do you believe that you are amazing? Do you believe that everything you put our hands to, will prosper? Do you believe that no matter how horrible the mistake was, or whatever happened, that you can live past it? Negative outlooks are tricks of the enemy, to keep us bound. A negative mindset keeps us from standing up and moving forward. It literally causes us to believe that we will always remain in this state, will always be who or what we have been, things will be how they have been, and will go how they have gone. Tell yourself and the enemy, this is a LIE.

I am challenging that mindset of anyone who feels this way, today. You must first, see yourself better. When you begin to see yourself better, you begin to believe you can really be better. This will then cause you to want, desire and pursue better. I am without doubt that there is anyone in this world who has not done something that could cause them to be looked down upon if everyone knew of something that they’ve done. Every single one of us, have something. Yet, you have many that are living wonderful, successful lives, all because they chose to live past their past.

Just because you are not proud of what you have done, does not mean you cannot be proud of the choice you have made to ensure you never do that again. Just because it was shameful, ignorant, embarrassing, or outright disrespectful, does not mean you cannot move forward from it. You can walk in victory, from whatever your “it” is. I am going to share with you a few things you can do, practical things to assist you to your healthy place.

1. Admit it to yourself.

2. Forgive yourself.

3. Forgive them.

4. Repent.

5. Embrace yourself. (The real you). You are not your circumstance.

6. Love yourself.

7. Be Yourself.

Choose to be who you know is supposed to show up in the world each day.

Understand that who you are as a person, others need. You have people that look to you and because of your assignment in their lives, be it a mother, father, mentor, whatever the leadership role you play, you are needed. Therefore, you must show up confident in who you are, not bound by anything or anyone.

Just because you have a past, does not mean you cannot have an amazing future. YOU ARE A VICTOR, not a victim. Walk as such.

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