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As I thought about this week’s blog entry, I thought about the many times I told myself “I CAN’T”. I thought back and asked myself, who planted that see of “I Can’t”? I must admit, no one has really been responsible for the I Can’t being spoken over my life, except ME. I allowed comparing my life to others to make me feel I can’t. I allowed insecurities to make me feel I can’t. I allowed negative self-talk to make me feel I can’t. I even allowed past failures to make me feel I can’t. The truth is I lied to myself, over and over again, and I am writing this blog today, because maybe you too, have been lying to yourself, saying “I Can’t”.

You see, we have everything we need in us, to do and to be exactly what we desire to be and do. The only thing stopping us, is US. We have heard the saying, “I can do anything I put my mind to” and that is true. I will even say as the bible does, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. Whatever comes to mind, comes from the inner being who either is pessimistic or optimistic. Whatever is within us, is manifested in our thoughts, ultimately out of our mouths, and through our actions. If a thought comes to mind that will benefit our lives, the lives of others and give back to the earth, in a way that glorifies the Creator, then it is for us to do. If he gives the idea, he will also give the means for it to manifest in our lives.

What are some things that you have thought about doing, that you have allowed to remain a thought? What are some things that you are not even entertaining the thought of anymore? What are some things that you felt like you couldn’t do, because maybe it was out of your comfort zone, something you could not see yourself being successful in. Maybe someone else did it and it did not work out for them, so you are concerned it will not work for you either. Maybe it is something you tried already, it did not work out, yet it is still in your heart, on your mind and in your spirit to accomplish. You cannot shake the thought of that thing. Well, I am here to tell you today, STOP lying to yourself, saying you can’t accomplish that thing. I am telling you today, NO MORE LIES.

Write that book, take that trip, start that business, pursue that job opportunity. Whatever is in you, you CAN DO. I guarantee every excuse that you have given, has been one that you created in your mind as a prevention to take the leap. There is nothing in a comfort zone, except stagnation. You will remain in the same place, until you decide to move from that place. How do you determine “You Can’t” if you never try? The only reason you can’t, is if you don’t!

I dare you to take authority of your negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones and see the outcome of those adjusted thoughts. You are the determining factor of your purpose coming to pass. The plan God has for you, requires YOU. He has the plan, but it is up to you to seek him, hear him, follow and obey him. All of this requires action from you. Therefore, I challenge you today, to stop lying to yourself. Stop reliving past failures. Stop comparing and competing. Allow yourself to envision where you want to be in life. Begin to see yourself doing what you desire, entertain the thoughts, and start making forward steps to see it become reality. I am a witness that Speaking, Believing and Expecting will manifest Miracles in our lives. Things we had no idea we could do, can happen. We are capable of manifesting anything in the earth, that God wills for our lives.

Take a moment to think of the amazing things you want to do, or that you have been assigned today, but have not accepted. Write them down. Date it and visit it often. Then, begin to put a plan of action in place. Seek God for precise instructions and in time, you will look back and see what started as a dream, a vision or even just a thought, is now your reality. Tell yourself today, and everyday NO MORE LIES! No longer will I talk myself out of things. No longer will I miss opportunities. No longer will I be afraid to walk through opened doors. No More. NO MORE LIES. I CAN, I WILL, I MUST. Our legacies depend on us manifesting purpose, while we live! Again I tell you, and you tell yourself, No More Lies.

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