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The Discovery

Are you functioning because you have discovered and know who you are? Are you functioning because you mimicked someone else and have not taken the time to discover and know who you are?

It would be a sad indictment to live a duplicated life, instead of one of Authenticity. In a world of copy-cats, choose to be your authentic self. There was a time in my life that I had no idea who I was, what my purpose was, or just how much being myself would impact others. The truth is, every single one of us were born to make impact. We were created to influence others into their becoming. Not becoming a duplicate of us, but becoming because they saw the ability to be, IN US.

Today, I write this blog entry as a challenge to you, to tap within. Pull out all of the amazingness that is inside of you. Seek the creator if you are not aware of that amazingness. Allow him to show you exactly who you are and why you are in the earth. Oh, did you think you were here just to look pretty or handsome? Did you think you were here just to be a mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, coworker, singer, preacher, business owner? Well, I'm here to tell you, those may be some of your responsibilities, but the purpose within is what is going to bring you to a place of fulfillment and completion. Your discovery of purpose and its pursuit will cause you to wake up each day excited, ready to conquer the day. Walking in purpose takes the burden out of what you do. It causes you to have unexplainable joy.

The next time you are being still and praying, ask God am I fully functioning in my purpose? Am I doing what I have been placed on earth to do? For some, maybe the degree(s) you have are not your purpose. I know many people and I almost became one of them, who sought degrees for what we "thought" we wanted to do, versus seeking God for our purpose and pursuing accordingly. It is possible to be functioning, yet outside of your purpose. I'm here to nudge you today, until you figure out your purpose, you will be discontent, uncomfortable, unfulfilled and merely existing. It is up to you to discover, then pursue passionately, your purpose.

There are people who need you to tap into your purpose. Their lives will be changed when you do. Those people will discover, develop and dispatch what is in them, upon realizing through you, they too have purpose. You see, your purpose isn’t just for you to discover, but also for others to experience so there is a dispensing of all that is necessary to assist others in becoming.

I leave you today with a question, what legacy would you like to leave? Will the life you've lived speak for you, after you're gone?

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