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The Last Time

How many times have you allowed a negative situation or circumstance in your life, to control your emotions? Due to this control, you reacted in a way that was more harmful to an already negative situation. I believe it is safe to say, most of us are driven by our emotions.

It is true that our emotions are a natural part of our being. Emotions are a natural part of our being because though we are supernatural beings, we are housed in a natural body. Our emotions are a part of our soul nature. Because of this, we have feelings. Those feelings cause us to act, or react in a certain manner, depending on the emotion. Actions and reactions are different for everyone. It is okay to admit that we feel a certain emotion. It is okay to express whatever the emotion is. What is not okay is allowing a negative emotion to reside. Allowing a negative emotion to reside, will only cause negative reactions to those emotions.

Feel however you need to feel, but never lose control of your emotions. We should always remain in control. Acknowledge the emotion. Admit the feeling because of the emotion, then make the choice to respond and not react. Response means one has made a conscious decision to do a particular thing about what they experienced. Reaction means because of the emotion, a person was driven to act in a certain way, conducive to the emotion.

Think about this, life is full of unexpected occurrences. Some occurrences are positive and some negative. Sure, the occurrences may be different and may even be somewhat worse than a previous occurrence, yet it is not the first occurrence. My question for you to ponder is, what did you do the last time you had a situation or circumstance to occur? Will you acknowledge that no matter the difficulty of that situation, you made it through? I know you did because here you are, reading this blog entry and that situation is now a part of your yesterday.

Now, think back to all of the major occurrences you’ve overcome. I imagine while in them you sometimes felt you weren’t going to make it. You may have asked when, why and how. The biggest one is “Why Me”? Yet, you made it.

I am here to remind you that as long as we live, we will continue to experience the trials of life. It is inevitable and no one is exempt. My challenge for you today is, I want you to choose to respond and not react. Be reminded when trials manifest, of the previous trials. Be reminded how you dealt with the last one. What was the outcome, according to how you handled the situation? Most of all, I want you to reminder “You Made It”.

When trials present in my life, I make it an appoint to reflect on “The Last Time”. The last time I thought I was in the worst possible situation. The last time I could not see a way out of my situation. The last time I thought nothing worse could ever happen. The last time! Then I remember God manifested for me, and guess what? He is the same God. The only thing that may have changed is my situation. Therefore, I learned to respond with trust. I learned to confess “this too shall pass”. I respond with positive affirmations and self-talk. I respond with faith builders. Do you have positive affirmations? Do you talk positive to yourself, encourage yourself? Do you say things to yourself that will build your faith instead of causing you to lose faith? Positive affirmations and self-talk will cause you to expect the best possible outcome, despite what you may be facing in the moment. Do not put more faith in the situation than in your ability to overcome.

The next time you experience a negative situation, remember the “Last Time”. I can guarantee, you will be encouraged and empowered and from that moment forward, you will be reminded to respond and not react. As you walk away from this entry, close this browser, I want you to remember this, You Are More Than A Conqueror. No situation can control the outcome of your life, only your willingness to yield to its negativity. Decide today, I will remember!

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