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The World Awaits You

You have been waiting. What is it that you are waiting on? Are you waiting until you get to a certain scale in your finances? Are you waiting to connect with the right person? I know, you are saying when I meet the right man or woman, we are going to be amazing together. Oh, wait a minute, you are waiting to have the nice house, the nice car, the right job. Maybe, it is the six-figure income you are awaiting!

Well my friend, I am here to tell you, the WORLD AWAITS YOU. While you are continuing to make all of the excuses you have made, preventing you from being, there is an entire world out here, awaiting the manifestation of what is on the inside of you. Maybe you have a book to produce. Maybe you have a business to produce. Maybe you are a planner, strategist, creator of newness. Whatever it is that you are created and purposed to do and be, the world NEEDS YOU.

Do you believe that out of the Billions of people that are in the earth, there are some specifically for you, to impact? There are some specific people that need what you have. Some know they need a certain thing, and are not sure when or how they will receive it. Some have absolutely no idea that they need what you have or what is within you, they just know they have a void that needs filling. The Creator of the Universe created you and everything in you, for the specific goal of you connecting with the appointed people, so that your purpose and life’s destiny could be fulfilled.

Today, I want you to make the conscious decision to stop making excuses, stop waiting and start reminding yourself that the world is waiting on you. You have waited long enough. You have made excuses long enough. Be honest, some of the things that you said, “If I had this”, and you have had those things, yet you continued making excuses. Furthermore, you have seen several of the things you stated manifest, yet you have produced nothing. What a sad indictment it would be to see the idea, the dream, the strategic plan that the Spirit gave you, fulfilled through someone else, because you failed to move forward and produce. You failed to produce because you could not overcome your excuses.

Just for a moment, I want you to think about something. If the world ended tomorrow, or if you cease to exist in the world tomorrow; How much of your dreams have been fulfilled? How many visions have you had, that you ignored? How many times did you have the opportunity, but for various reasons, you missed it? How many times did you say, “if I could just make the right connection”, you made it but did not do anything with it? As you think, I want you to decide, NO LONGER. Decide, I am going to answer the call, surrender and be purposeful just as I was placed in the earth to do.

You will not touch everyone in the world, but if everyone in the world would touch those they are created to touch, there would be no one in the world, untouched. If we would all tap into and live out our purpose, there will be no lack in the earth. Every one of our needs would be met. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Since we are aware that not everyone will awaken to this truth, today I challenge you to be one of the ones to decide, I will not leave this earth not having fulfilled my purpose in it. Allow yourself to hear the voice within, adhere to it, stop making excuses and execute. Start where you are and use what you have. Despise not the day of small beginnings. Know that if you obey, everything attached to the promise for your life, will manifest and produce the outcome that will prove, the earth has to wait no longer!

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