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Who Are You?

As you begin this reading, ask yourself the title question, pause, think about the question and then answer. Did your answer include who you know you are, according to who you are purposed to be while living, or are you existing, going through the motions of life and unsure of who you are and what you are purposed to do?

Many would probably start out answering the question by stating their name, who their family is, what they do career-wise, maybe state that you are a mother, father, son, daughter, etc. But, who are you, the inner you? Are you at peace with yourself? Are you fulfilled in life? Are you satisfied with the path you have chosen? Do you seek attention and approval from others? Do you find yourself agreeing with the majority, following trends and seeking to fit in? Are you living or just existing? These are all meaningful questions to ask oneself.

It is important to answer these questions because life should be lived intentionally, carefully thought out, and pursued by you, for you. Most people spend a good deal of their lives existing, rather than living. This happens because most people do not get the revelation early on, that we were created on purpose, with purpose, to be purposeful. No matter how we arrived here, we were purposed in the earth, to complete an assignment. What is the yearning within you? Are you pursuing that yearning or are you suppressing it? Are you making excuses, to justify its dormancy? When we choose to only exist, accepting mediocrity, we cheat ourselves of becoming who we were created to be. Mediocrity mindsets cause us to look for jobs that pay well, versus seeking a fulfilled and purposeful job that will cause us to have no problem getting up each day. What good is money if you are miserable making it? Wouldn’t you much rather live a life fulfilled, with meaning as you experience joy?

Today I challenge you to evaluate or re-evaluate your life. No matter your age, take self -inventory, asking the questions stated in this writing, as well as those that have formed in your mind as you’ve read. Your life is important. How you navigate your life is important. Your purpose is most important. There are people in the earth that need you. Those people include but are not limited to your family. There are complete strangers, people you know nothing about, that are set in place to experience what you have to offer. When you step into that place of purpose, you will begin to experience amazing things. You will understand why it is so important for you to BE. I want you to take away from this writing, there is no more time to waste only existing. It is time for you to live life at the peak of your purpose. Everything that is in you, must be released. You must do whatever necessary to ensure it manifests. You are necessary, and everything you have to offer is as well. I declare today that you have tapped into YOURSELF, who you are created to be. I decree all that is in you, shall come alive and flourish. I decree you will be launched into places unknown, to meet and connect with people that are able to assist you to destiny. May your desire become so strong to be, that you cast down fear, anxiety, self-doubt and anything that will further hinder your process and journey. Today, if you are not already aware, I decree you will KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You are more than your last name. You are more than who your family is. You are more than your job. You are more than where you live. You are more than what you drive, or where you attend church. YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS, and that greatness is dependent on you yielding to your purpose. I ask you again, WHO ARE YOU? May your answer be loud, clear and filled with power, passion and purpose. Now, GO and BE who you are!

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