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Who Do You Say You Are?

In a world where most people live to compete and compare themselves to others, I have a question for you to ponder. Who Do YOU Say You Are?

Do you know who you are? Are you functioning daily as your authentic self? Are you being exactly who you were created to be, or have you patented yourself after others?

You do know it is perfectly fine to BE YOU? You were purposely created to do and to be what only you were created to do and to be, no matter who agree, like or support you. There is a difference in admiring someone or something that someone does, but it is a totally different thing for you to become a copy of who someone is. Admire the principle of a thing or person, but

don’t attempt to become exactly it or them. We may have some similar attributes and characteristics, but at our core, every single person in the earth, is different and purposely so. When God created each of us, the mold was broken.

If you spend any length of time competing and comparing, you have wasted valuable time cultivating yourself, and elevating to the best place in your journey. Everything created in you, was uniquely done that you make be the uniqueness that was created. Today, I admonish you to Embrace, Love and Be YOU. Take the time to discover, spend time with and fully know yourself. Most of all, be honest with yourself. If you know you have spent most of your life duplicating others, today is your day to discover or rediscover yourself. Today is also the day to evaluate or re-evaluate, holding yourself accountable, to ensure progression and evolution.

You must know that whether in an authentic or duplicate state of functioning, you will have supporters. Why not have supporters because you are functioning at the level of authenticity and impact intended for your existence.

We cannot always depend on others to be honest with us, therefore at least be honest with yourself. If you know you are not functioning to the best of your ability, recalibrate and readjust. Make a conscious decision to be purposeful, as yourself. Be honest and ask yourself the hard questions.

1. Am I functioning in who I was created to be?

2. When I show up in the world, am I showing up as someone else?

3. Am I producing at a level that will land me on higher ground?

4. Will my footprint be upon the path that was created and chosen for me?

These are all questions to ask oneself as you journey forward, because fulfilling purpose is the ultimate goal. We must know who we are and fully function in the purpose in which God intended. Not just functioning, but functioning well. You have to tell yourself, so what if the next person does not like my choice. So, what if they don’t like what I do or how I do what I do. Tell yourself, just as I was destined to do this, there are supporters destined to support what I do. Be completely okay with sometimes walking the path alone, weeding through unpopular opinions. Afterall, if the purpose was given by God, why would we need man’s approval?

I am positive that the creativity within us, begins with the outsider’s inability to see. This is because it was not given to the outsider. Therefore, they will have to either trust the creator or wait to see proof of the creation. Either way, knowing what you are assigned to do and actually doing it, are paramount. Upon taking on this mindset, we will fully live in who we are created to be, with no concern of who others say we are.

The next time you are unsure of yourself or the next time you catch yourself competing and comparing, ask yourself the question, Who Do I Say I Am?

Make it a daily ritual to affirm and re-affirm yourself. Tell yourself, I Am Strong. I Am Powerful. I Am Brave. I Am A Leader. I Am Successful. I Am Loved. I Will Make Positive Impact, Daily. Find things that affirm you, encourage you and speak to who you actually are, and speak those things. Speak them until they speak to you. Daily remind yourself that you will be who you were created, and when you show up and are asked “Who Are You”? You can boldly say "I Know Who I Am".

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