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How many times have you talked yourself out of doing what was in your heart to do? What you are purposed and passionate in doing? I am talking about that thing that continues to yearn in you. That thing that you love and get giddy when you think about it. That thing that when you do it, you know it is going to give you Joy Unspeakable. Why are you continuing to talk yourself out of it? Is it because you are afraid? Maybe you are uncertain of success because so many others are doing the same thing. Wait, you have the spirit of comparison, so you feel you are inadequate and unable to be as successful as the others you are comparing yourself to. Been there, done that and that is the purpose for this blog entry today.

You are everything that the Spirit has shown and spoken to you. If there is a successful desire in you, God put it there. He did not put it there to sit, or to pull at your heart and spirit, with no manifestation of its purpose. No, he put it there that it would stir inside of you, do much so that you make the conscious decision to put a plan of action in place. No God-given idea is easy. As a matter of fact, ask any successful person and they will tell you the same thing. Most, if not all will say, I was hesitant. They will confirm that they procrastinated. They will even tell you that they made all of the excuses that one could possibly make, not to go forth and do what they knew was in their heart, and in God’s plan for them to do.

There are 3 things I want to drop in your spirit, and put on your mind as you read this. I want you to decide today, this is the last day I will be fearful, doubtful and a dilly-dallier! Go ahead, take a moment to talk to yourself, say self “You will no longer doubt, fear and procrastinate”. Truth is, our time in the earth is limited, and with purpose being our mission, everyday that it goes unfulfilled, we waste our time, cause ourselves and others to not get to the destined place planned for us. You do know, you are not only responsible for you, but you are responsible for those that are assigned to you. Assigned to me you ask? Yes, just as purpose was given to you, so are those attached to you, to be impacted by your purpose. Therefore, I challenge you today to (1) Discover Purpose, (2) Tap Into Purpose and (3) Fulfill Purpose.

I decree, no longer will you allow your purpose and passion to lie dormant, causing you to forfeit your assignment. Get up! Decide the excuses are over and TODAY IS A NEW DAY! Tell yourself you are successful, you are goal driven and you will accomplish ALL that must be accomplished, while you live. May you come alive and cast off every restraint. Each day, I challenge you to self-affirm. Talk to yourself. Encourage yourself, because there will not always be someone else to affirm and encourage you. It is imperative that you become and then come into the world with the POWER that has been given you. I speak to you today and tell you no matter how many times someone told you, you cannot, YOU CAN. No matter how many times you faced obstacles that made you feel negatively toward yourself, YES YOU CAN. No matter how many times you talked yourself out of things and told yourself you could not, YES YOU CAN. I am telling you today, YES YOU CAN! Now, go and DO IT!

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