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You Decide

In a world of so many choices, it is sometimes difficult to make decisions. We have to make decisions about so many different things concerning our lives, personally, spiritually, business-wise; for our children and families, all kinds of decisions.

How do we make those decisions accurately? How do we know we have made the proper decision? Good questions to ask oneself. As a person who has been in the earth 46 years, I can assuredly say I have made a lot of wrong decisions. When I think back to those wrong decisions, I can also say, I second guessed myself or over-rode my “First Mind”.

Oftentimes, we know what the right decision is, we just choose the opposite. We choose the opposite because that is what we want. We choose the opposite because it best fits whatever feels good at the moment. We even choose the opposite because we want to please others. How many times have you said “I should’ve followed my first mind”? I know I have said it too many times to count. In this time of my life, I do my best to be more conscious and careful to be Spirit-led.

You do know that the First Mind that we refer to, is the Holy-Spirit guiding us. It is your spirit, which receives direction and instruction from The Spirit, to make certain decisions, do certain things, all things that are best for us, a situation or someone else. Yet, because we have a will, and an ability to choose, we sometimes choose what we want versus what is instructed and best for us.

Today, I challenge you to DECIDE that you are going to be more sensitive to that FIRST MIND, the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will never lead us wrong. It will never lead us astray, but will always guide us exactly where we need to be. I want you to take a moment to think back to the last time an incident occurred that you chose to not follow the guidance of the Spirit, and regretted your decision. Do you realize how much time, money, energy, heart-ache we would save by yielding to the instruction first given? Decide today that whatever that last time is you thought of, that was the last time. Declare with me, from this day forward, I will humble myself and yield to the instruction of my spirit, ultimately the Holy Spirit.

What decisions are you faced with? A lot of them I know. While preparing to make those decisions, be reminded that if you believe in the power of prayer, it is a your most powerful tool to tap into the direct connection with he who will make decision making easier for us. Our willingness to connect shows that we are willing to include our creator in all things concerning our lives. There is no decision too big, nor too small to share with him and allow his leading. We know a specific decision lines up with his will when we can refer back to his word concerning whatever that decision is. In that moment, even if we are not exactly sure what that word says concerning the matter, or where it is found in his word, he cares so much that he will even reveal that. Isn’t it amazing how the Spirit will give us all things, to ensure we have all of the tools necessary to be successful in life? We tend to forget that the bible is a tool used to instruct as well as gives us proof that there is nothing new under the sun. What others have been challenged with, failed in and also conquered, will be things that we will also face. These things are proof that we too can conquer and also reminds us that we are not alone. The word is also offered as an instructor of what not to do. Will you make the decision today? The decision to not journey alone, but allow the Spirit to lead, guide and instruct you. I promise, the roads traveled will be less confusing and bumpy. You will find that on the instructed road, you will be informed of everything you will face, and given specific instructions preventing anything that will

misguide, deter or destroy you.

Upon making your next decision, stop a moment and ask yourself the question, “Am I following my first mind, the Holy Spirit”? I assure you when you do, you will always make the best decision for you or the situation you are facing. DECIDE that your life is worth making the decision to trust and obey your creator in all things.

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1 Comment

This is such an on time blog! We have all been there and are still going there but I am deciding right now to be more attuned to the Holy Spirit’s guidance daily. Thank you for the encouragement Monetta🙏.

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