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Are you functioning because you have discovered and know who you are? Are you functioning because you mimicked someone else and have not taken the time to discover and know who you are?

It would be a sad indictment to live a duplicated life, instead of one of Authenticity. In a world of copy-cats, choose to be your authentic self. There was a time in my life that I had no idea who I was, what my purpose was, or just how much being myself would impact others. The truth is, every single one of us were born to make impact. We were created to influence others into their becoming. Not becoming a duplicate of us, but becoming because they saw the ability to be, IN US.

Today, I write this blog entry as a challenge to you, to tap within. Pull out all of the amazingness that is inside of you. Seek the creator if you are not aware of that amazingness. Allow him to show you exactly who you are and why you are in the earth. Oh, did you think you were here just to look pretty or handsome? Did you think you were here just to be a mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, coworker, singer, preacher, business owner? Well, I'm here to tell you, those may be some of your responsibilities, but the purpose within is what is going to bring you to a place of fulfillment and completion. Your discovery of purpose and its pursuit will cause you to wake up each day excited, ready to conquer the day. Walking in purpose takes the burden out of what you do. It causes you to have unexplainable joy.

The next time you are being still and praying, ask God am I fully functioning in my purpose? Am I doing what I have been placed on earth to do? For some, maybe the degree(s) you have are not your purpose. I know many people and I almost became one of them, who sought degrees for what we "thought" we wanted to do, versus seeking God for our purpose and pursuing accordingly. It is possible to be functioning, yet outside of your purpose. I'm here to nudge you today, until you figure out your purpose, you will be discontent, uncomfortable, unfulfilled and merely existing. It is up to you to discover, then pursue passionately, your purpose.

There are people who need you to tap into your purpose. Their lives will be changed when you do. Those people will discover, develop and dispatch what is in them, upon realizing through you, they too have purpose. You see, your purpose isn’t just for you to discover, but also for others to experience so there is a dispensing of all that is necessary to assist others in becoming.

I leave you today with a question, what legacy would you like to leave? Will the life you've lived speak for you, after you're gone?

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You have been wondering the best time to get started, and I am here to tell you the time is NOW. Maybe you have continued to talk yourself out of the launch, making all of the wonderful excuses to support that thought, yet the time is NOW. Now is the time to stop allowing fear as well as the multiplicity of excuses to cause you to continue forfeiting purpose as well as passion. Nothing is more painful than allowing yourself to sit idly by and silent concerning what you know you should be doing or should have already done.

What happens when so much time has gone by, that you now see someone else accomplishing that which you should have done? The same idea, in the same way it was given to you. I believe if an idea is given to us, by God, he gave it with purpose. It was something he wanted to release in the earth, strategically given to you, he wanted your anointing and uniqueness on it. However, it is also my belief that if you refuse to be the conduit of the idea, then he is not obligated to wait for you to decide to do as instructed. He then will release the same idea to someone who is willing, and ready to be the vessel. Yes, it may be some difference as it relates to methods and overall function, but you will definitely be convicted of the fact that it is the same idea that was given to you, and you did not seize the opportunity to be used.

As you read this blog, take an evaluation of all of the ideas and instructions God has given you. With those ideas and instructions, how many have you allowed to sit on the shelf? Some may be on paper, but what about those that never even made it to paper? Do you even remember them? There are some ideas, visions and dreams that you have forgotten about because time has passed, life has happened and you would have to get too uncomfortable to even fully see it within, to see it without. Guess what, now is the time to become uncomfortable.

Now is the time for you to get out of your head. Your head cannot be trusted. Now is the time for you to follow your spirit and not your head. It is not even a good idea to follow your heart. The heart will not always lead you accurately. Ultimately it is your spirit that is most accurate. You are spirit and it is your spirit that is connected to THE SPIRIT, that will always lead you in the direction, along the path that will bless and sustain you. Now is the time for you to stop listening to the negativity and opinions of your peers and those around you. You are allowing the negativity and opinions to prevent you from embracing your passion and fulfilling your purpose. Now is the time to rid all of the excuses that you continue to make. Now is the time to hold yourself accountable for all procrastination and negative self-talk. Now is the time for you to surround yourself with those that will assist you to your higher place and stop maintaining comfort zones and laziness. Now is the time for you to exercise the anointing that was given to you. No, you may not necessarily deserve it, but gifts are not always given because they are deserved. Sometimes, gifts are given to make a statement of belief in, forgiveness or pure love for an individual, to prove to them that despite them, as the giver they were being obedient in giving. Now is the time for you to do exactly what is in you, to do.

You have put NOW off long enough. You do not have to wait until 2021 to begin, you can make up your mind today, and go for it now. You can begin planning NOW. You can take the step NOW. Go ahead do it NOW. I give you permission to release yourself from all negative energy, bind fear, and shut the mouth of any enemy, including yourself. Stop being held hostage and launch out into the deep. Here you will find out that everything you need, has already been provided, you just need to access the moment, NOW. I encourage you, challenge you and push you to go ahead and DO IT NOW!

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There are many things that are optional. We have options of the people we will pursue or accept friendships and relationships with. There are options of where we will live, work, shop, go for entertainment, fellowship and so much more. However, there are some things that should not be optional. These things take determination and a made-up mind. We tend to treat some things as if they are optional, but hopefully after this read, you will determine they are NOT AN OPTION.

When is the last time you self-checked? Isn’t it interesting that we have immediate energy when it is an opportunity to check someone, besides ourselves? We can and will point out everything that needs to be corrected about them, everything they need to do different, what they should or should not do, I mean we have all of the answers for someone else. But, what about when it comes to self-check? Are we as quick to allow the mirror to stay before us long enough for us to see the things that need to be adjusted, so that we are our best selves? I have spent the last 2.5 years intentionally self-checking and I am here to share with you that it is not easy, but it is necessary. It is necessary because if it is not done, you will function at a low level. You will function in what only looks or feels a certain way, to you. You will not take into consideration how showing up in certain ways, may affect others. If something is said to you, about you concerning a certain area, I believe it is at least worth evaluating yourself. For instance, if several people share with you that you have a negative outlook on most things when communicating, you should evaluate why it is that it seems your communication is rarely if ever, positive. Self-checks also include being honest with yourself. Accept the things you know need work, and be willing to put in the work. We are human, and humans error in life. That is normal, but it is imperative that we correct what needs correction.

Are you progressing in life? Are you evolving and not remaining in the same place week after week, month after month and year after year?

Progression and evolution means we are learning, unlearning and making necessary adjustments, with forward movements into our greater self. It is important to better our lives wholly and position ourselves to be the example someone else needs. When we are willing to progress and evolve, it shows we are willing to let go of traditions and ideologies that may be all we know, yet understand it is preventing purpose prevailing. With no willingness to grow, there will not be many meaningful places we will go.

Have you sought and tapped into your purpose? Living life blindly, unintentionally and carelessly is not an option. If you are beyond your twenties, then you especially understand that life is swiftly moving and there is no time to waste. You must understand that you were created on purpose, with purpose, that you may be purposeful. No matter how difficult your life has been, you have an assignment in the earth that requires you knowing what that assignment is. You must know what is it that you are supposed to be giving to the earth? I realized many years ago, that whatever I was supposed to do in life, had to do with talking. I knew this because all throughout my life, I have enjoyed talking. In elementary and beyond, I got great grades, but always had a progress note and behavioral grades that indicated “Talks too much”. The things that you are great at, that you are not putting any real thought into, may be what you are to contribute to the world. Examine your life, the things you desire and enjoy. What are the things that light your soul on fire? Consider this, that thing may be the very thing that will produce for you in a way that will add to your life and others.

When is the last time you thought “How can I give”? Most people want to receive more than they are willing to give, but I have learned along my journey that being a giver will always produce for me. Not that I seek to receive because I give, but I know that it is a law of attraction. It is a principle of sowing and reaping, a gift and law of reciprocity. It is a mere truth that if we give, we will receive. I also realized years ago, that I may not receive exactly how I give, but I will definitely receive in the way I need, at the time I need. Therefore, I have lived my adult life looking for ways to give. I give of myself, my time, gifts of all kinds, and any other way as led by my spirit, ultimately the Holy Spirit. Don’t quench those feelings that are nudging you to give. This is what we were created to do. Imagine if we all gave as led, if we moved each time we have the nudge. It is my belief that if we were sensitive to giving, there would be no unmet needs in the earth. That is absolutely amazing to think about. Therefore, let us be the ones that are sensitive to the still small voice, and give! When I think about purpose, it reminds me that I am giving. My purpose in the earth, fulfilled will bless me and others in so many ways, and so will yours. Just yield to the spirit of GIVING and watch how amazing life will be for you.

Your willingness to self-check is not optional. Your Progression and Evolution are not optional. Seeking and fulfilling purpose, is not optional and your giving is not optional. All of these must happen in order for you to effectively BE, who it is you were created. I just believe you want to fulfill life’s assignment, so that after you are gone, you would have left something in the earth. Legacy goes beyond money and property! What will the world receive and remember of you? That is true Legacy.

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