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In a world of so many choices, it is sometimes difficult to make decisions. We have to make decisions about so many different things concerning our lives, personally, spiritually, business-wise; for our children and families, all kinds of decisions.

How do we make those decisions accurately? How do we know we have made the proper decision? Good questions to ask oneself. As a person who has been in the earth 46 years, I can assuredly say I have made a lot of wrong decisions. When I think back to those wrong decisions, I can also say, I second guessed myself or over-rode my “First Mind”.

Oftentimes, we know what the right decision is, we just choose the opposite. We choose the opposite because that is what we want. We choose the opposite because it best fits whatever feels good at the moment. We even choose the opposite because we want to please others. How many times have you said “I should’ve followed my first mind”? I know I have said it too many times to count. In this time of my life, I do my best to be more conscious and careful to be Spirit-led.

You do know that the First Mind that we refer to, is the Holy-Spirit guiding us. It is your spirit, which receives direction and instruction from The Spirit, to make certain decisions, do certain things, all things that are best for us, a situation or someone else. Yet, because we have a will, and an ability to choose, we sometimes choose what we want versus what is instructed and best for us.

Today, I challenge you to DECIDE that you are going to be more sensitive to that FIRST MIND, the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will never lead us wrong. It will never lead us astray, but will always guide us exactly where we need to be. I want you to take a moment to think back to the last time an incident occurred that you chose to not follow the guidance of the Spirit, and regretted your decision. Do you realize how much time, money, energy, heart-ache we would save by yielding to the instruction first given? Decide today that whatever that last time is you thought of, that was the last time. Declare with me, from this day forward, I will humble myself and yield to the instruction of my spirit, ultimately the Holy Spirit.

What decisions are you faced with? A lot of them I know. While preparing to make those decisions, be reminded that if you believe in the power of prayer, it is a your most powerful tool to tap into the direct connection with he who will make decision making easier for us. Our willingness to connect shows that we are willing to include our creator in all things concerning our lives. There is no decision too big, nor too small to share with him and allow his leading. We know a specific decision lines up with his will when we can refer back to his word concerning whatever that decision is. In that moment, even if we are not exactly sure what that word says concerning the matter, or where it is found in his word, he cares so much that he will even reveal that. Isn’t it amazing how the Spirit will give us all things, to ensure we have all of the tools necessary to be successful in life? We tend to forget that the bible is a tool used to instruct as well as gives us proof that there is nothing new under the sun. What others have been challenged with, failed in and also conquered, will be things that we will also face. These things are proof that we too can conquer and also reminds us that we are not alone. The word is also offered as an instructor of what not to do. Will you make the decision today? The decision to not journey alone, but allow the Spirit to lead, guide and instruct you. I promise, the roads traveled will be less confusing and bumpy. You will find that on the instructed road, you will be informed of everything you will face, and given specific instructions preventing anything that will

misguide, deter or destroy you.

Upon making your next decision, stop a moment and ask yourself the question, “Am I following my first mind, the Holy Spirit”? I assure you when you do, you will always make the best decision for you or the situation you are facing. DECIDE that your life is worth making the decision to trust and obey your creator in all things.

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Believe Again

If you are reading this, you made it through 10 months of a pandemic thus far. That alone should have you smiling, raising your hands in thanks and praise, and whatever else shows your appreciation and gratefulness. As we know, many do not have that testimony.

I want to encourage you today, to NEVER again, take anything for granted. Do not take anything lightly. Those blessings we consider small, consider all of them huge. That penny you see on the ground, consider it a blessing for you. Allow it to give you the faith that says, the 1,000.00 is on its way.

What is it in your heart that you once believed, but you allowed life and the many things in it, to distract you, thusly you gave up on what you believed? Were you once in love, and because of heart-break you no longer believe there is someone, somewhere who is willing and able to love you as you desire to be? Maybe you lost your dream job, the one that you were doing exactly what you wanted to do, loving it and felt you would always be with that company. Oh, maybe the house of your dreams is thousands of dollars out of your budget and you can see no way for you to have it.

I am here to challenge you to Believe Again. Everything that has been created, stemmed from a belief. Someone believed they could produce a thing, then they did. Did it happen overnight? Of course not. Was it easy? Of course not. Did they produce with blood, sweat and tears?? Most likely. Were there times they wanted to give up? Probably so. Did some people give up? I am positive they did. But, some of them went for again, because they decided to BELIEVE AGAIN. Whenever we receive these huge ideas or even something that just seems far-fetched, it is given as inspiration to us by God. He places it within us, for us to activate a belief-system called faith, that will produce from the spirit-realm into the natural-realm. This means he allows us to see in the spirit, and faith eventually manifests it into the natural. Therefore, I always say, You Have To See It, So You Can See It. Acknowledge it as he shows you in the spirit, and allow your faith, mixed with actions to produce it into your life. This is how “Dreams Come True”. Dreams are given to us, to prove that there are things far beyond what we normally see, that we can have.

It is the will of God for us to be prosperous, in all things concerning life. It is the will of God for us to have nice things, good health, love and all else. So, the things that you desire, do not allow yourself or anyone else to make you believe you desire too much or too big. It does not matter where you come from, what you had or did not have before now, all you need is the ability to BELIEVE AGAIN. There is absolutely nothing that is too big for you to achieve, when you believe. It may take a while, it may take some hard work, sleepless nights, among other things. But, when you believe something, there is nothing that will prevent you from doing whatever it takes to see happen what you believe.

I am challenging you to go back to the place you once believed. Revisit your journal. Revisit those dreams, visions and affirmations you once spoke. Tap back into yourself and all that you once believed because it is still possible.

You are at the beginning of a New Year. Day by day and week by week, you can work a plan to see what you want to manifest in your life. Even if it doesn’t manifest exactly how and when you want it to, DO NOT give up. Believe it, until you see it. Oftentimes we give up too soon. What we desire to manifest does not have to change, although the process may. Our responsibility is to BELIEVE.

Do not lose faith this time. Do not lose hope this time. Do not lose momentum this time. Do not lose YOU this time. Stand on that which you believe and as long as it is in alignment with what is right, according to the Lord, you can see it in your life. Know that I am believing with you and we shall see what we BELIEVE.

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When you hear the word Contender, what is the first thing you think of? Do you think of such words as competitor, corrival, opponent, an enemy even? All of these would be accurate. The one thing that I thought of when this blog entry came to mind was, oftentimes when we think contender, we think of a person. We think of the person or people who may be our competitor, rival, opponent, etc. ultimately, our contender.

Today, I want to challenge your thoughts as I was challenged. What if I told you, your biggest contender is not a person, but your own comfort? As we embark upon a New Year, we normally set New Year Resolutions, name all of the things that we are going to do differently in the coming year. Year after year, we find ourselves faltering most times, in the first month of the new year. Upon faltering, we crawl right back into our beds of comfort, instead of getting back up and continue to push forward into what we said we were going to do.

This coming year, I want to challenge you to write down the things that you would like to accomplish. Upon writing them down, put a date of manifestation and a strategy of how you can ensure it comes to pass. Most of all, commit to making it happen. Know that plans may change, dates may change, but seeing manifestation does not have to change. No matter what obstacles arise, you do not have to give up on what you will to accomplish.

Decide today that comfort is no longer going to be the thing that holds you back. Determine to get uncomfortable. Yes, there will be some long days, nights, sleepless and maybe even some tears, but there is no greater joy than seeing your hard work and dedication manifest into reality.

What are some areas of life you have been comfortable? Do you recall a past time that you broke through a level of comfort? What was that time like and are you willing to do it again, to experience that feeling and that sense of accomplishment again?

I recall losing my job in 2017. I was with the company for 18 years and had definitely grown comfortable. You could even say, I was so comfortable that I never imagined “losing” my job. However, when it happened, I was reminded that after losing my husband 2 years prior, God and I had a conversation and leaving my job to trust him in another endeavor, was part of that conversation. Instead, I allowed comfort to cause me to stay. Upon being told that I was being let go, God immediately reminded me of that past conversation. In that moment, my Supervisor at the time, seemed surprised at my response to her action. I responded by letting her know I understood. She then apologized. I remember telling her, God will take care of me and my daughter, no worries.

God dealt with me on the drive home. He said, I gave you the opportunity to trust me and leave, but you would not. Therefore, I had to shake the foundation, forcing you out. Ultimately, I had to become uncomfortable because everything would change. I could have stayed comfortable, found another job, and continued in all that I knew. Instead, I begin to accept what had happened as a part of the process to totally change life as I knew it. I was already in the process of pursuing relocation and was supposed to have left my job a whole year before being let go. I realized I stayed out of comfort. 3 months later, I relocated. There was absolutely no more comfort for me, because now I was made completely uncomfortable. In the process, I decided that whenever I got to a place in my life that I was feeling comfortable, I would always take that as a sign that it was time again, to take another leap of faith.

Therefore, I am sharing with and challenging you, whenever you become comfortable in life, decide to take a leap of faith, that will cause you to become uncomfortable, and watch how God blesses you for doing so. We will never experience all that we are supposed to in life, being comfortable. Release your contender comfort, today. Vow to never allow yourself to miss out on future blessings and accomplishments due to comfort. Decree today, comfort will not be a prevention on my journey. I Decree your best days are ahead and you will not miss out, due to comfort.

May 2021 be a year of complete faith and the manifestation thereof, because you decide to become uncomfortable!

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